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How you FEEL affects how you HEALĀ 


Classic or Athleisure

 The age old question (for us technical fashion geeks).

We offer two types of fabric. Each has their own personality, but you will FEEL great in both.

No matter which fabric you choose, all of our scrubs have the features you need.

Secret tip:  You'll probably want both.


Scrubs - elevated.

These feel familiar, but look so much better.

Created from the finest fabric, these scrubs offer maximum stretch while holding their structure.

Explore our Wovens collection


Pajamas at work!

That's what it feels like to wear these scrubs.

Our unique double knit fabric makes these scrubs amazingly comfortable AND fashionable.

Explore our Knits collection

Truly Inspired

Designed from the inside to make you look good on the outside.

Jenny Beeghly contracted acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in April of 2018.  During her hospital stay, at the side of her bed, James Lim, Jenny's cousin and a physician, posed the idea of FEELGOOD scrubs.  And, PERILLA was born.

What better time and place to form a scrubs company? 

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